The pharmaceutical industry refers to companies that research, manufacture, or sell small-molecule (chemical-based) or large-molecule (biological-based) drugs. Maintaining hygienic conditions is a critical part of pharmaceutical research and production. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is often used as a decontaminating agent for materials that cannot withstand high temperatures—such as laboratory or manufacturing equipment, pill bottles, and syringes. However, if residual (post aeration) H2Olevels remain too high, they can adversely affect drug stability, efficacy, and safety. Therefore, residual H2Olevels must be periodically or continuously monitored at ppb levels to ensure drug stability, efficacy, and safety. View the Pharmaceutical Resource Center.


Product Model Measurements

PI2114 Gas Concentration Analyzer

The Picarro PI2114 gas concentration analyzer measures hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) levels as low as 3 ppb to help avoid oxidation and safeguard drug stability.



Product Model Measurements

16-Port Distribution Manifold (Silco)

The Picarro 16-Port Distribution Manifold provides unparalleled multiport sample-data collection.